15.4 million consumers were victims of identity theft or fraud in 2016. In all, thieves stole $16 billion, nearly $1 billion more than in 2015. – Javelin Strategy & Research

Documents published by governments, authorities and institutions are subject to particularly stringent quality and security requirements. There are many different techniques that can be used to protect sensitive documents against manipulation and fraudulent use.

We produce a reliable solution that is tailored to meet the specific demands of everyday use; a secure, innovative solution, which satisfies the statutory requirements for document security and authenticity to each customer.

Dana Global Security Group was found to work together with clients in coordinated approach to ensure perfect documents protection and security, and to combat counterfeiting and forgery attempts.

For over 15 years Dana Global Security Group has provided solutions to help prevent forgery, tampering and counterfeiting on high value paper documents for various organizations throughout Kuwait and the gulf region.

Establishing a strong partnership and representing exclusively some of the most world-known, certified security printers and innovative technologies producers. We are proud of the fact that we have become a highly trusted name in the specialized field of security printing and providing various solutions to our valuable customers in the governmental, educational, financial and private sectors.

We offer a wide range of the most advanced services to protect the valuable information and documents. We also ensure a high quality of products and solutions together with a level of integrity, accuracy and professionalism which exceeds the highest expectations of our clients.