Security Envelopes

Dana Global Security Group offers custom printed envelopes with unlimited designs, sizes, thicknesses, materials, and colors, to create an envelope that not only looks great and enhances your brand, but protects your document at the same time.

1. Security Envelope Paper

Security envelope paper is used to protect any confidential document that you wish to keep as a top secret. It is commonly used in government, and financial sectors when sending out important documents or contracts.

2. Plastic Security Envelopes

Plastic security envelopes are used to secure your valuable documents from thefts and manipulations attempts with tamper evidence effect.

They are ideal for whenever you need immediate visual indication of tampering for easily transported material. Security plastic envelopes contain a remarkably strong closure adhesive. Once sealed, the envelopes can only be opened by cutting them.

Ideal for
  • Examination papers for universities and colleges.
  • Shipping Companies.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Personal property.
  • Non-negotiable document handling.
3. Security Coin Envelopes / bags
  • The most secure, effective, and efficient way to secure money.
  • High-tech tamper-evidence technology for high risk applications.
  • Serial numbering or bar code track for maximum security.
  • Tearing-off receipt.
Ideal for
  • Banks and insurance companies.
  • Crime scene evidence.
  • Transport of money and valuables.
  • Jewelry.