Security Papers

Security Papers

The expansion in several fields in the security printing is the outcome of various forgery cases. Dana Global Security Group specializes in supplying of these valuable documents that are provided with high security level.

The security papers that Dana Global Security Group offers are obtained from the most certified security printers in the world,

We provide our customers by different types of security papers such as
  • UV dull Security Papers
  • UV dull papers, with invisible / or / and / visible security fluorescent fibers, and full chemical sensitivity against chemical alterations.
  • Anti-Tear Security Papers.
  • Self –Adhesive high security papers.
  • Others custom made Security papers.
During production and printing, many security features can be added to the printed secured papers such as
  • Customized Registered Hologram with high image resolution that reach 1,000,000 dpi.
  • Generic wallpaper hologram (SECURE – ORIGINAL-AUTHENTIC and other patterns).
  • UV invisible Fluorescent inks.
  • Thermochromic inks.
  • Erasable Inks.
  • Optical Variable Inks.
  • Intaglio.
  • Taggant inks.
  • Microtext.
  • Anti-Copy, Anti-Scan Feature.
  • Serial Fluorescent Numbering.
  • Fixed and Variable Barcode (type 39 – QR code, and other types can be provided upon customer's request).
  • Watermark.
  • Others.

Security Design

Our expert designers use the advanced graphical utilities and software to make it easier for our clients to choose from the various set of document designs that combines the security and the client's identity; we offer the following options for the secure paper designs which add more security to your documents:

  • Rainbow Printing.
  • Relief Printing.
  • Security Grids Patterns & Guilloche Designs.
  • Latent Image.